Works-In Progrss (WIPS)

Works-In-Progress are any musicals that have not yet reached performance. You may bring whatever you'd like for whatever step you are at in the process. A song, a dance, an acting scene, leads only, full cast, ensemble only - anything on or off book that shows a glimpse of what you are working on! It will be pure fun and supportive experience. Great way to test out the voices, the dances and the script.

  • Strickly enforced 10 minute time limit.
  • Bring your own Pre-Recorded piano track or live accompanist.
  • You may bring whatever props or costumes you want, but you do not need anything. Many schools perform in show shirts.
  • You may only enter pieces that are Works-In-Progress. If your musical has reached performances, please register them for Cuttings and Musical Performances. 
  • These scenes will NOT be adjudicated.
  • Troupe Directors must register for WIPS, and there is not supplimentary application.

This is one of the most exciting and positive events at state. Bring whatever you have and perform for the cheering masses of Theatre students who know what it's like to work on a production.