Washington State Thespians

Theatre for Social Action Project 2018-19

Theatre for Social Action uses theatre to explore a social issue of pressing importance to people and the community at large. 

Washington State Thespians are proud to sponsor this year's Theatre for Social Action Project of the STATEWIDE reading of William Mastrosimone's play Sleepwalk to encourage thoughtful social discourse on the rise of teen suicide in America.  Each reading of the play will be followed by a post-play discussion on awareness and ideation of suicide.

About the Play:

Sleepwalk written by Emmy-winning Broadway playwright William Mastrosimone aims to “debunk, de-mystify and de-romanticize teen suicide, by opening up dialogue on the hidden epidemic of teen suicide.” With input from mental health professionals, Sleepwalk was written to foster open dialogue about depression and suicide and to remove the stigma associated with seeking professional help.

This dream play performed by teens for teens aims to increase dialogue in schools and communities about the growing problem of teen suicide. By creatively blending humor, pathos and imagination, the play tells the story of Dillon, a young man contemplating suicide who falls into a dream state. In the course of his dream, he meets personified aspects of his own psyche - some good and some bad - and by the end of the dream, gains control of his own life.

HOW CAN your Drama Club and Thespian Troupe participate?

  • Contact WA Thespians Advocacy Chair, Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson, to register your program as a participant at
  • Then, hold a meeting of your Drama Club/Thespian Troupe, your school's Counselors, the school LGBTQ organization, and other school clubs you feel may be a stakeholder in this event and get them involved. 
  • Next, divide and conquer to organize the event by creating a production team: Director, Stage Manager, PR & Marketing, Actors etc.  Invite and encourage the other school clubs to provide manpower for PR & Marketing.  Include them as co-sponsors of the event. 


  • Promote your reading locally. Washington Thespians has a pre-designed flyer, digital artwork and template press release with information on the play to help that you can download and distribute accordingly. 
  • Invite your faculty, school staff, parents, minister, hairdresser or others to take part in a staged reading.
  • Invite your community — whether that is a city, town, middle schools, youth groups, church groups, or other community groups — to listen. 
  • Share your event on social media!  Let Washington STO know so they can share your event on the STO Facebook page.
  • Call your newspaper early and let them know about the event.

Admission TO YOUR EVENT must be FREE 

William Mastrosimone has agreed to waive royalties and support schools hosting this event as long as admission to the event is free and donations are not requested.  This event is to be held for the purposes of social action and community dialogue.  This is not a fundraising event nor an opportunity to earn profit in any form.


You must have a certified/licensed counseling professional in attendance and as a participant in the post-play discussion.

If you are interested in participating in the Theatre for Social Action Project

Email Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson to register your production.  Once you register your production you will be sent the script for Sleepwalk.  

Failing to register your production with Washington Thespians makes you accountable for paying royalties for every performance.

For additional information contact Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson, WA Thespian Board Member, at nordleafwathespians@gmail.com 

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"The theatre was created to tell people about the truth about life and the social situation."

Stella Adler