MARCH 14, 15, 16, 2019

CENTRAL Washington University, ELLENSBURG, WA

$60 Thespians
$80 Non-Thespians
$10 Adult Observers
$60 Individual Adult Participant
FREE registration for 1 Teacher/Sponsor and up to 5 students for new schools or schools who haven't been in 5 years



State Registration is from Jan 20th - Feb 5th. All late registrations will be charged $100 late fee. Late registrations cannot be guaranteed performance or competition slots. Late registration ends FEBRUARY 10th, 2019.  No additional registrations can be taken at that time. See website for more detailed information.

Teachers should use the Registration Website Link below and go to the site to set up their school.  You can add students at any time. 


All students must complete a consent & accept Form prior to attending Events

Information | 2018/19 Consent & Acceptance Form

Important forms and documents:  


STO Application 2019

To submit STO application please mail to:
Petra Karr
12249 Shorewood Dr SW
Burien, WA 98146

Chapter Select Guidelines

Scholarship Rules and Regulations / Application

Honor Troupe Rules and Application         Honor Troupe Rubric

  • Washington State Conference General Information State Conference is typically during the third (or fourth) weekend in March at either Western or Central University.
  • Activities at State include performances, workshops, keynote speakers, scholarship auditions, showcase performances and much more.
  • The Registration window is Feb. 12th - Feb 23rd via the Washington Registration Page.
  • You may make changes to your registration throughout the window, but once registration closes on the 23rd there is a $100 fee for changes and late registration.
  • Absolutely no refunds will be given.
  • No schools may register within 5 days of the event.
  • State consists of two tracks to accommodate our size and the facility space.
  • Campus food is available for lunch.
  • Bills smaller than $20 are appreciated.

When schools arrive at State, the thespian troupe sponsor checks in at the registration table in the theatre lobby by presenting their PO/check/credit card, consent and health forms. They will then receive their registration packet to distribute to students. No additions are possible at this time.  Extra Observers may purchase their passes at this time as well.  An example schedule is below, although the final schedule may have slightly different times.

Lodging - Warning** Hotels fill up fast!  Many teachers book their rooms almost a year in advance.  


Co- Producers of State

Registration, Scheduling, and Fiscal Questions        Beth Orme -  baorme@seattleschools.org

Scholarships & National Guest Artists                       Ruben Van Kempen  - vankempenr@gmail.com

Washington State Guests and Teaching Artists

Vendors and Sponsorship Opportunities Contact    Ben Stuart - benstu@me.com

Adjudicators                                                                        Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson - nordleafwathespians@gmail.com

General Schedule for State


Thursday evening-Showcase Auditions with Registration at 6:30 p.m., Early Registration at 8:00 p.m.

Friday -

Registration at 8:30 a.m.

Workshops, performances, scholarship auditions, WIPs to follow - 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Dinner Break -  5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Evening Session - 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Social Activities and More Workshops 9:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.


Opening Ceremony at 9:00

Closing Ceremony will end by 6:00


  •  Schools may only bring 1 performance cutting each.  Performance cuttings may be up to 70 minutes long including set up and tear down.
  • WIP cuttings need to be 10 minutes or less.  This time requirement is necessary so we can experience performance teasers from many schools.  Please time your selections carefully.  Schools that go over 10 minutes will be asked to end their cutting.


Mandatory online registrations and applications for Showcase Auditions, STO, Short Film IE, Honor Troupe Applications, Chapter Select Shows, and Thespian Scholarship Applications.  Although materials and applications may be sent to different locations, all students and schools will need to have registered initially online.

Ways to Participate in State              

Below are descriptions of “a few.”

  • Cuttings and Musical Performances- Register with a play cutting, one act or musical cutting to perform and be adjudicated. Cuttings include teacher directed, student directed from a full-length play a one-act play or an already performed musical. These cuttings will have a 70-minute performance time limit, including set up and tear down time. Schools may bring multiple cuttings as long as the total performance time including set up and tear down is less than 70 minutes.  In this case adjudicators will consider multiple performances under one rubric.  If your cutting is a musical, you may use costumes but it is not required.  Musical performances that have already opened should be registered under this category.  The emphasis of adjudication is on the directing and acting of the piece rather than the production values.  Warning* There are no allocated spaces for costume or scenic storage, rehearsal spaces, or dressing rooms. Musical performance spaces will have a piano in the space; however, sound systems and microphones are not available.  Musicals that have yet to open should register a 10-minute cutting under the Musical WIP (Work-in-Progress) cutting. 
  • Workshops- attend a wide variety of production and performance based workshops taught by College and National Clinicians
  • Musical WIP - musical cuttings that may enter under the Work-In-Progress area only. These cuttings may be up to, but NO longer than 10 minutes. You may wish to bring: a song, a dance, an acting scene, leads only, full cast, ensemble only - anything on or off book that shows a glimpse of what you are working on. You do not need costume pieces. These scenes will NOT be adjudicated. It will be pure fun and supportive experience. Great way to test out the voices, the dances and the script.  Bring your own pre-recorded piano track or live accompanist.
  • Honor Troupe Applications-Troupes must apply during online registration to earn the title of Honor Troupe.  Troupes may participate in specific required activities to work their way toward becoming a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Thespian Honor troupe. 
  • Showcase Performances- IE top 10%tile performance may audition for a main stage showcase.  Student will pre-register online and check in is Thursday evening at 6:15 p.m. auditions begin at 7:00 p.m.  Reminder, all participants and material MUST be the same as the original IE audition.  Showcase Performers will perform on the main stage for the entire state and are encouraged to dress appropriately.
  • Showcase Production- IE top scores in Production applicants will be invited register online, participate in showcase interviews on Friday.  The top scores in each category will be invited to display their work on Saturday. 
  • Thespian Scholarship applications- Senior thespians may apply, register, and interview for one of two $1000 scholarships.  Applications are due postmarked March 1st.  
  • Chapter select shows –  Schools may apply to perform at the International Festival.  If you wish to represent WA State in a Chapter select show, register online.
  • Short Film, Short Animated Film, Short Documentary Film- Individual students may enter a short film to be adjudicated. Film must be postmarked by FEBRUARY 15TH, 2019, and registered online. EdTA guidelines include but are not limited to the following: 
    1. Entrant must submit a DVD with an original short film that is no longer than 5 minutes in length from opening title screen to final credits.
    2. Films must be of original content and may be collaborations between students.
    3. Music must be original or documented public domain material.
    4. Material created by students in this event that is deemed by the judge(s) to be obscene or disruptive may receive lower ratings or in some extreme cases may result in disqualification.

Short Film Rubrics can be found HERE

    • Rules and Application COMING SOON!
  • PowerPoint slide for Parade of Troupes.  During state festival, a slide show will be presented documenting the work your troop has finished, as well as info for upcoming productions. Please note that each school is limited to one slide and three (3) photos for the benefit of time. Attach the photos to an email and also any words or titles of shows (Please do not try to create a PowerPoint, just send the files). Contact STO for more information.
  • All State Musical- send 2 of your musical students to both of the all-state musical sessions.  Students will learn a production number to perform at Closing Ceremonies.
  • STO (State Thespian Officers) Leadership- Applicants must register online prior to the conference, complete the application form, submit a video as stated in the application, and attend the STO leadership workshop.  State Thespian Officers hold required monthly meetings and attend the national conference in June.  APPLICATION
  • Vendors- There will be a vendor who is selling State Festival gear.  The same company that does all the WIAA state events will be on hand.  Other vendors with make-up products and sundries will also be available.– Bring money
  • Teacher/Troupe Director Lunch Meeting- Attend the Teacher/Troupe Director Lunch Meeting on Saturday of the festival.  Washington Thespians will provide a brown bag lunch and you can learn about all the ways that you can be involved in Washington State Thespians and National Thespians (EdTA)! 


Ways to Give Back

BENEFITING Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS:
  • In-house Collection before State.  Have your students advocate for Broadway Cares and collect change in all of their classes.  The troupe who brings the largest in-house collection from their school will be recognized at closing ceremonies and bring home the Broadway Cares Trophy!
  • Silent Auction.  Bid on hot merchandise straight from Broadway!  Signed show posters, TV shirts, key chains etc....  Credit/debit as well as cash payments will be accepted for winning bids.
  • Coin Wars.  STO will be carrying change jars all weekend.  A possible coin war theme is "war" between true passions: Tech, Acting, Singing, and Dancing.  Change goes in the jar of the true passion, cash goes in the jar of your secret interest-something you'd like to do more of or learn more about.
  • Duck Buddies.  For $2, you can buy a rubber ducky with a celebrity/fictional character/historical figure nametag.  Each ducky is a part of a famous couple and your job is to find the person who has your ducky's other half.  If you have Bert, you're looking for Ernie!  Once you find the person, snap a selfie with each other and your ducks to win a gift card prize!
Benefiting Send-A-Troupe-to-Festival:
  • Minute to Give It.  Washington is sending our STO to Nationals for a one-week ITF leadership training this summer.  During festival ceremonies, we'll pass a hat for Minute to Give It.  All proceeds will go to registration for STO.  


Please feel free to contact Beth Orme baorme@seattleschools.org and Ruben Van Kempen vankempenr@gmail.com with any questions you may have!