Helping Thespian troupes assess and celebrate their work. The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) and Washington Thespians strive for excellence both onstage and off. EdTA would like to recognize those troupes that achieve a high level of excellence by sponsoring the Washington Honor Troupe program. There is no limit on the number of troupes who can apply or be recognized each year and schools are adjudicated on their own merit, not in competition with other applying schools. It is a chance for your troupe to celebrate what you have accomplished in past year (from State the past year to State in the current year) and receive the same accolades given to other sport and academic groups.

Please note that a wide variety of activities/events/projects can be combined for the total points. Projects can be used for 2 different categories if it meets the criteria for both, but the project cannot be used for more than 2 categories or repeated in the same category. In order to be considered for Honor Troupe status, Troupes must meet EdTA active troupe guidelines including the

  1. Official Thespian Inductions
  2. Clear Thespian point system
  3. Conduct regular meetings with attendance
  4. Pay EdTA renewal dues
  5. Attend and present Honor Troupe materials at WA State Thespian Festival